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Forestry & Woodland Management covering all of Yorkshire

Forestry Contracting Services

Timber harvester with chains on ready to work on steep ground
Digger with grab and tractor with mulcher
Timber forwarder moving timber to stacking area

Tree Worx Ltd offer a full range of forestry services, from woodland management to full site clearances. References from different size/scale projects are available. Please contact us for more information.

Farm/Estate Woodland Restoration & Management

Tree Worx Ltd provide a complete service to manage woodland projects on farm land and estates that were perhaps not previously commercially viable due to high haulage costs of self-propelled, purpose built machines. In the past the woodlands that didn’t offer the volume of timber to justify the haulage were left unmanaged and stunted. With specialist agricultural/forestry machinery we can offer a low ground impact management service to cater for the smaller sites and larger, that will benefit the future of your woodlands.

We offer woodland advice from coppicing to thinning on both soft and hardwood projects.

Woodlands are a valuable asset if they are maintained properly so please get in touch and we can advise you of the best way to make the most of your woodland.

We are also now BSL Approved. Please contact us for more information.

Site Clearance

Tree Worx Ltd can offer a full site clearance solution for small to large woodland projects or large scale site clearance for commercial developers. We have all types of machinery from extraction units to large chippers, stump grinders and tractor mounted shredders to tidy up sites ready for replanting or developing.

Vegetation Clearance

We offer vegetation clearance using forestry mulchers on our large tractors. The mulchers we use go up to 6 inches in depth so all roots are ground down ready for replanting or developing. We also keep site burning to a minimum and recycle as much material as possible. Timber sales for logs, chippings etc. can be offset against the project cost.

Timber Harvesting

We undertake small and large woodland thinning or clear fell of soft and hardwood projects. We use harvesters if there is more than 500 tonnes of timber or for smaller projects we hand cut which is a more viable way of processing for smaller quantities of timber.

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